December 16, 2007

North Kingdom goes Svansele

This weekend we went to Svansele Wilderness Camp, 60km from Skellefteå, with the whole team of North Kingdom and spent one night out in nowhere. We had no electricity, no running water and definitely no internet ;) but lot of fun!

Henrik, who was our guide and great chef, in front of David Eriksson and Daniel Illic.

Here did we spent the night...

Some of the team around the fire, drinking coffee with vodka ofcourse!

After a great dinner it was time for bathing! It was an awesome evening with cloud free sky and minus 20C.

Henrik Carlsson, Isak Wiström & Elisabet Halming in one of the three hot tubs!

Me riding down on the ice-slide.

Mattias Lindgren during the great reindeer dinner inside our cottage.

Roger Stighäll and Daniel Illic happy to survive the outdoor ice-sliding.