July 28, 2009


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September 21, 2008

Work in progress II / North Kingdom Showreel

We are almost done with our showreel. As usual it is hard to find time for internal project like this but here is finally some picture from the shooting which we did in Stockholm now before the summer. I worked as Art Director and David Grehn the Film Director, who was using the amazing RED camera. The model for the project was Emelie Fjällström.

Showing some work in progress of the flower. From early concept drawings to an almost finished 3D rendering.

I and Mathias Lindgren (our 3D Artist) did make the scenography by ourselves which was really fun!

A picture on myself and our beautiful model Emelie Fjällström from Skellefteå.

New stuff from North Kingdom

Two sites we released this summer:

Get That Look for JC Penny, USA. Photo by the great David LaChapelle.

Kiss Fight for Mentos.

May 19, 2008

Work in progress / North Kingdom Showreel

The last weeks I have been preparing a little for our new (and only) showreel. North Kingdom will turn 5 years this summer so I thought it could be a good idea to finally collect our work.

This concept drawing (which I have made with Poser & Photoshop) is showing how the dress and the main character will look like. The dress will be made by Omoi Form in Umeå and the horn will be built by Mats at Popcore Film.

Some rough first sketches for the storyboard. I have wanted to build a little story around North Kingdom instead of just showing all projects as all other showreels look like. The story is about our North Kingdom Godness who connects to our flower.

A first animated test of the flower from our 3D artist Mathias Lindgren.

Gold both at Clio & One Show

The last week our and GSP´s Get the glass where competing in awards shows around US for the last time. And it ends as it started; totally incredible. It has won every single competition it has joined. Winning awards should never be purpose of its own ofcourse, but still it is a good way to show that your company exist and it gives you more work. But most important is that the campaign actually are doing some purpose for the brand, and for Get The Glass it have done that to;

Visitors: 3,3 millions (9000 visits a day in average).
Unique visitors: 2,5 millions.
Time spent: 9 min in average.
Browsers: 63% IE, 28% Firefox

From where?
Direct: 37%
123spill.no: 170 000 visitors (5 %).
Minijuegos.com: 118 000 visitors.
FWA: 85 000 visitors.
USA dominates with 1,2 million visits, and then Norway with 250 000 visitors.

(Data from Feb, 2008.)

Clio Awards 2008 Miami Beach, 49th Annual; One Gold (Get The Glass for Animation), one Silver (Get The Glass for Brand Building) and one Bronze (The Coke Zero Game).

I had the chance to be in Miami Beach in person together with Roger Stighall and his wife Sofia which was ! In the ceremony, placed at the great Jackie Gleason Theater, I and Mike Geiger (from GSP) went up to the stage together which was something else! Great feeling to go up there! It was the first time I have actually went to an award ceremony, and I hope it won´t be the last ;)

Roger and I after the Award Show. BIG thanks to Mike Geiger and his very nice gesture when he told us to keep the statues! Thanks a lot! I hope to work with you this winter! :)

Great also to see that almost 25% on the shortlist where from Sweden.

The One Show 2008, New York; One Gold (Get The Glass for Microsites Corporate Image)

Sweden finished on third place after USA and Great Britain.

May 16, 2008

We won a Yellow & one Black Pencil!

The successful fairytale continues! Absolute amazing! Last night in London our gettheglass.com campaign we did with Goodby Silverstein & Partners won two pencils at the D&AD Awards. It is the third time in history an interactive project won a Black Pencil! It is little shame thou that we did not get so much cred at the ceremony as usually when we works with bigger advertising agencies. But still totally awesome! For GSP it was the first Black Pencil every in its 25 years history! How cool is that? GSP is one of the best agencies in USA today.

It is only the third time in history an interactive project is given a Black Pencil.

Personally I´m in Miami right now for the Clio Show so I missed the possibility to be in place but I guess it must been amazing. David Eriksson and Mikael Forsgren from North Kingdom where at place thou! :)

6 Black Pencils where given this night. iPhone and iMac was two other winners of this big price.

Mikael is so happy with his new friends!

May 12, 2008

North Kingdom & The 2008 Creativity 50

A couple of month ago we where included on a list I never had dreamed about.

"The list represents the biggest innovators of the year, who—through repeated demonstration of sheer brilliance or even just one spectacular feat—brought new spark to their respective fields of advertising, entertainment, marketing, technology, design and beyond."

Absolute amazing! A great award for our whole office! :D

The article of North Kingdom.

The article about Creativity 50.

April 29, 2008

North Kingdom & The Lodge

Forgot I did this one.. a showreel of Skellefteå from last year for The Lodge, a creative digital group in Skellefteå for the agencies there. Mathias Lindgren did the 3D and Dreamfield helped us out with some film & postproduction.

New stuff from North Kingdom

We have released some new stuff this spring from North Kingdom.

1) The Coke Zero Game.
2) A Glass and Half Full Production.
3) Toyota iQ.

April 25, 2008

Grand at New York Festivals

We won both Grand in the 2008 New York Festivals (NYF) Innovative Advertising Awards and also won Gold for Best Microsite. It is amazing how much good publicity this project have given us :) Unfortunately we did not have time for this years Got Milk campaign for Got Milk, but I hope to have the chance again next winter.

Here is an article in the Swedish Resumé for the awards.

April 10, 2008

D&AD Webjury 2008

This spring I had the honor to join the D&AD 2008 Website Jury in London. First two days of voting from home and then three days of voting and discussing at ExCel in London. It was a very inspiring and fun!

Over 29 other categories where on place during this D&AD Awards Judging Week, so I had a chance to check out lot of cool stuff.

Joakim Borgström, Oliver Payne, Flo Heiss and Benjamin Palmer.

Joakim Borgström (W+K) and Staffan Formsman (Forsman & Bodenfors) at St. John restaurant.

January 30, 2008

Coca-Cola Zero in progress, part II

The work with Coca-Cola Zero Germany continues... We are pretty much done now with all design work and post production, which Dreamfield helps us with. The work has moves on pretty smoothly. The hard work is to keep up the high quality through everything within all deadlines. When it comes to games it is much much more then just doing a campaign site. I wonder how the final work will turns out... if people out there will like to play it or not. The site itself is pretty classic, no specific new techniques or so. The idea was basically to make an interesting gamesite with a motion picture feeling. Some more stuff from behind the scene can you find here.

Anton Eriksson helped us out with the illustrations work as the one above. The idea was to combine his illustration style with our filmed sequences to get a feeling of a classic game/movie cover.

My reference material for the cover...

Mikael Forsgren in our conference room, going through one of the CCZ challenges. The photo is taken by my iPhone.. if you think the quality is crappy ;)

Work in progress. Here are some first screens from the interface. I am still working on different design solutions here but the overall feeling is correct.

Another illustration from Anton. Each game has its own Game Cover Art where the preloading parts are placed. “Jump Of Death" is the first challenge of four.

This is kind of material Anton could receive from me when he did the cover arts.

A first idea sketches of ”Jump Of Death”. The inspiration was taken from a crazy movie we found on Youtube called “Insane Car Jump”.

One of the cars we designed for the game. As we couldn´t use any existed models (it is lot of rights when you working with big names ;) our 3D artists had to develop new ones. Fun ofcourse... takes time? Yes! Do we have time? No...

An early concept sketch of the jump effects for our 3D artist.

The fire was made with a 3D program called Fumefx.

The challange “Jump Of Death” is all about jumping over a river with style, all to impress the ladies ;)

Game Cover Art for the “Freestyler” challenge.

”Freestyler” is the challenge where you are going to impress the girls in the lockeroom with your juggling skills. This screen is without color correction.

"Powerball" is a challenge where you has to kick through a wall with his football. The game itself is pretty much a classic golf game where it is about hitting the ball as good as possible. This scene is filmed in a local garage in Skellefteå and what you see here is some sketches how the game graphic will look like.

Vanessa Lindgren was our local star from Skellefteå.

The final challenge is a gigantic pinball game where you will unlock one of the goodness to get the final key. If you have succeeded so far you will be able to win tickets to this summer EURO2008! The style itself, the Grindhouse style, is taken from Coca Cola Zero´s TV commercial with the same characters.

"Extreme Megaball". The left pictures shows how the programmer works with the game structure. The right picture show the final design which I did in Photoshop combined with elements from our 3D artist. I wanted to make a very branded game field, not as a regular pinball game with lights and color everywhere. We played with explosions and fire instead which I hope will turn out well... Right now it is not finished but soon I hope ;)

The pinball itself was going to contain three mini games, each one related to the games you will see in the earlier challenges. Here is how “Powerball” looks like in this mini version alá "Extreme Megaball".

This sequence shows how one of the scenes are made, from the first storyboard through Post Production.

Showing how one of the end scenes takes form...

Wallpaper work in progress.

We also used Antons illustrations for the Game Tutorials, where you can learn how to play each game. Above you also see the rough first sketches and then the final pieces.

Just some form exploration of game graphic/icons.

Some more picture I took from the filmdays.

Some photos by Thomas Westermark. You can see David Grehn and Ted Kjellson is discussing the filmning and how strange it sometimes can be living up in north; the scene should look like a summer night but suddenly it starts to snow...

Here can you see Mikael Forsgren (North Kingdom) giving instructions to Joseph before his juggling scene, and how happy Clemens Dopjans from CCZ Germany was to be in Skellefteå!!