December 2, 2007

Coca_Cola Zero in progress, part I

For two weeks ago we had a big film week here in Skellefteå for an upcoming internet campaign for Coca-Cola Zero where I working as Art Director & Lead Designer. From Berlin we had Clemens Dopjans among others from CCZ Germany. I can not tell to much of the project yet but it includes the actors from the Coca-Cola Zero TV commercial.

Ted Kjellson from Direktör´n & Fabrikörn (Skellefteå) was hired as a Film Director for the project. I took some photos from the filmdays for our “Behind the Scene” section, and this is one of my favourites, showing Ted who just have instructed the girls in the “Lockerroom” scene how to act.

For the photos I have used my Canon 20D. The copy on the picture is nothing final, just something I have played with for now.

The scenography was excellent made by the team. The picture here above is showing my ugly rough sketch of the locker room turns out to be the environment above that one. That is cool :)

One of the days (or nights) we filmed in the garage of the “Brinken” building in Skellefteå. We had a cool car and good looking girls so what could go wrong? Would maybe be the timing in that case... We started to film around 10 PM and we where done around 4 AM. The car we used at the shoot was a Chevelle Malibu 1972. Awesome car!!

Joseph who is playing Tim, and who do not have a driving licence, enjoying his time in the car.

Ted is talking with Lotta and Vannessa in the background. Cassandra is focusing on her lines.

The idea I had of the girls dresses was to made something unique, clean and sophisticated but still feel as a soccer dress. I wanted to have some sort of a 60s - 70s feeling of the dress. The dresses were sewed by Helena from Umeå.

Early sketches of the cars which will appear in the game. We could not use any existing models so our 3D artists Daniel Wallström and Mattias Lindgren made up some new ones.

Some more pictures I took from the night in the garage. The happy guy on the wheelchair is David Grehn, our Camera man. In that scene we wanted a close up on Tim running. Old school solution always works :)

Some drawings from Anton Eriksson which we used for the storyboard.

Here is a shoot on Joseph from the scene you could see in Anton´s drawing. In the picture you can also see David Grehn and Thomas Westermark (Dreamfield).

Here is actually two pictures of me taken by David Eriksson and his Nokia mobile. Some days are more tough then others ;)