August 28, 2007

Designchapel II in progress

Sketches of the three dresses made for Designchapel II. This was my first sketch made in Painter.

The last two-three years I have been working on a new portfolio, a new Designchapel. Starting up a new own company like North Kingdom (2003) have ofcourse taken almost all my time, but I think it is important to have some kind of side project where you can express your creativity, free from clients feedback, and where you can experiment with new medias and new ideas. Designchapel II have been a long experiment time for me where I have in the first step focused on the nuns dresses and learning to paint in Photoshop and Painter which will be an important part of my backgrounds.

Hantverksutbildningen at Balder, Skellefteå, helped me to made the dresses. Big thanks to Charlotta Havh who both was my model and a helping link between sketches and textiles and big thanks to Harriett Lundsten, their excellent teacher. I hope we can do more stuff together in the future :)

Håkan Moberg, who is a great photographer in Stockholm, took care of the photoshooting. The shooting was made in Stockholm, November 2006. Here is just some shoots showing the different dresses and how they was going to be used.

A photo of Charlotta who is sitting and designing the cool green neckless.

The first background is almost ready. It is first made in Sketch Up and then I have paint in in Photoshop. Some final touches will be made in Painter.

Father Robot will be one of the characters Designchapel II. I did the first sketch in Flash (the one to the left) and then Mathias Lindgren built it up in 3D Studio Max.

Ofcourse we will see a nun who has the control over Father Robot. The photo is by Håkan Moberg and it is not a final retouch.

Some early concept sketches of how I wanted some 3D/paint attributes around the models. Made in Illustrator.

Some really early sketches of the coat. The final version turned out pretty close to the one in the middle though.