July 16, 2007

Two Faced

Two Faced was a book project I was invited to last year. At WIWP site you can read that the book "approached a large variety of creative people ranging from Toy Designers to Art Directors, Photographers to illustrators, Musicians to Designers. The Artists were paired off and given the task of creating a portrait of the person they had been teamed with, using their own style for which they have become renowned."

I was teamed together with the talented designgroup Vasava from Barcelona. You can see their portrait of me here above.

This is a print of my work of Vasava I did from my site Blaugallery for a local café.

The final result. This picture is from my portfolio Designchapel.

Alternative coloring I liked pretty much...

Work in progress... I draw all the lines in Photoshop (I like the speed better there) for coloring it in Illustrator. Unfortunately I did to many nodes for the computer to handle so I sat 3 hours just taking away stuff I hoped I wouldn´t need :/