April 8, 2007

The making of "Get The Glass"

Here is some small stuff from when we at North Kingdom made "Get the Glass" for Goodby, Silverstein & Partners in San Fransisco, US. Their client was The California Milkboard inc.

Me and David Eriksson (CD/CEO, North Kingdom) had for a long time wanted a project where we could build something physical, something you have not seen earlier, and when we first heard about the new Got Milk? project we understood that this would be the project :) I guess Goodby thought we where a little bit crazy in the beginning but when we described the idea they loved the idea :)

This is the sketch we got from Goodby, showing the concept idea they come up with. They told us about a story with this family that had become criminal cause the lack of milk...

First we started to figure out how this island would work. The left map is the first rough one I did in Photoshop. The one to the right is made later by Ted Kjellson who would be in charge of the building.

Next step was to build a rough island in 3D so we knew exactly how all the areas would look like, and so we could set camera angles and discuss solution with Goodby. The picture is showing how I have made marks for the our 3D artists what we should change etc.

Meanwhile Ted and his team started to work on the model I made a first rough interface sketch.

We also started to look how the characters would look like. Anton Eriksson made some early concept sketches before we started to build them in 3D.

Our 3D guys also had the pleasure to build some really cool vehicles. When the TV ads was not ready at this point we did not have so much to go after... but maybe that was for all good ;)

The only time I was worried during the week we did the model building was when we got a call from our client; "The castle is no more a castle..." This was three days before the filmday (which we could not move). Our client had at this point get footage of how the "castle" would look at in the TV ads. However, the new style turns out to be much better, it gave the whole island a totally new character. I felt bad for Ted though...

One day before filmday and it starts to look very interesting... Still, it was lot of magic going on the last night...

The sky did I paint in Photoshop. One of my first Photoshop paintings.